Mercury Studios is a team of Space Planners, Interior Designers and CAD drafters. We can offer solutions to all your office accommodation needs, whether it is space planning (office design), interior design, or maximizing your office space. Using the latest technology we can redesign your office to make it work for you.

Our staff can advise exactly how many people could be accommodated within your site; identify areas that are under-utilized; produce reports showing what size areas are occupied by each team, and produce proposals to reduce your costs. Via our space planning you could save your company thousands of dollars in unnecessary office rentals.

We specialize in making the most of what you have and are able to work with and re-use your existing furniture, (helping to minimize your office carbon footprint), as well as being able to source for you any new furniture as required. We are able to take a project from design through to completion, and are fully independent.

We can work with your existing CAD plans; take your paper plans and convert them in to AutoCAD plans; or conduct a survey in order to produce new plans from scratch. Our team have a wide knowledge of office furniture systems and we can conduct furniture inventories and even condition surveys so that you know what you have, where, and when it is likely to need replacing.

Most importantly though, not only are we totally independent, (so we will not be pushing certain products on behalf of suppliers), but also our core business is space planning. This means that unlike many of our competitors, we will not recommend products that you don’t really need in order to achieve a sale. If you want us to procure furniture for you, we can, but if you do not, or want to work with your existing furniture or suppliers, then we can carry out just the space planning and you will not be pestered to buy anything else. Our staff can help solve your space problems, and are happy to undertake projects of any size or location. We have experience of working with many Facilities companies, or direct with the end user, but most of all we offer a flexible service, tailored to your needs.

If you would like to know more about us, would like a quote, or have any other questions as to how we could help you, please call us on 201 501 0437.